Veil G6 Stealth Coating - Mfr. Direct

$ 97.95

Veil is a clear and nearly colorless acrylic coating which dries into a hardy, but easily removable, weather resistant film.
It's designed to absorb infrared light making it more difficult for your speed to be measured by police speed enforcement, thereby giving you more time to safely slow down and avoid a speeding ticket.

It is easily applied to the reflective surfaces of your motor vehicles — headlights, fog lights, and license plate (covers). There is enough material provided to treat on average three to four vehicles bringing the total cost of ownership to around $25-30 for each vehicle.

Our stealth coating is the most cost effective countermeasure available and cannot be detected.

When paired with a radar/laser detector it is the most effective way to protect you from tickets.

Package Includes:

  • One Container of our Stealth Coating
  • Two Foam Brushes
  • Instructions