How Laser Veil G6 Stealth Coating Protects You

Use Veil G5 Stealth Coating to Avoid Traffic Stops

A police laser (i.e., police lidar) emits a highly focused beam of invisible light, in the near infrared region of light, that is centered at a wavelength of 904nm and is only approximately 22 inches (56cm) in diameter at 1000 feet (300m).

As compared to RADAR—which directly determines a vehicle’s speed by measuring its doppler shift—police laser calculates speed by observing the changing amount of time is takes to “see” reflected pulses of light over a discreet amount of time.

How Veil G6 protects you from police laser speed enforcement

Our Veil G6 Stealth Coating is a patented coating technology which works by absorbing those light pulses (much the same way sunglasses work) which makes it harder on the guns to see their reflected pulses.

The most reflective parts of an automobile or motorcycle are its headlights and license plates. By treating them with Veil G6, the remaining and less reflective parts that are not treated don’t give Laser speed enforcement devices the amount of reflection they require at sufficient distances to obtain a speed reading.

Veil G6 Stealth Coating is intended to afford the motorist some additional time in many cases to safely slow down whilst being targeted to avoid a potential speed ticket.

Being a stealth product that is effective at absorption on the parts of the vehicle that are treated, the amount of additional reaction time provided will vary (as is the case with all countermeasures) accordingly based upon a variety of factors including the vehicle type, color, velocity, type of police lidar gun, skill of the targeting officer, and initial targeting distance. 

How Veil G6 protects you from IR photo enforcement

New forms of automated photo enforcement—including red light cameras, speed cameras, automatic number plate recognition and multi-lane traffic flow (tailgating) monitoring systems—are becoming more prevalent.

These systems, which initially relied on visible flash photography, had difficulty operating reliably at night and were a cause of distraction to other drivers when their bright flashes went off. Today’s newer and more sophisticated systems, however, employ digital IR (infrared) imaging and IR flash photography for surreptitious 24/7/365 operation.

Veil G6 contains broadband IR materials which effectively absorb police laser (lidar), scanning LIDAR, and IR light used by automatic number plate recognition (ALPR) systems and many photo enforcement systems, such as speed cameras and red light cameras.

How Veil G6 protects your privacy from Automated License Plate Readers

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) systems are other forms of mass-surveillance technology which continue to gain in popularity with law enforcement. If you have ever spotted a police vehicle with strange looking black boxes, mounted on the trunk or boot, you’ve likely been subjected to their use.

These systems constantly scan license plates and are capable of performing instant-background checks of every vehicle’s registered owner. According to the ACLU these systems are being used to track and indefinitely store, in vast databases, the movements of millions of innocent motorists with little or no restrictions to protecting our privacy rights.

Like redlight and speed camera photo enforcement, the trend continues towards the use of IR imaging and that’s actually good a thing if you are using Veil since the new patented formula makes your number plates more difficult to be identified.