Veil G6 Stealth Countermeasure

The Guys Behind the Veil


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Do you hate speeding tickets as much as we do?

We can't stand getting them either, the sick feeling one gets when nailed, being pulled over only to have to wait while the officer writes a costly citation and knowing that the time you've saved was now lost in the process.

You see, we're car guys. More than that, though, we love to drive, have an absolute passion for it. Many people think of driving as "work" and their vehicles merely as transportation–as a means of getting from point A to point B. But if you are a real enthusiast, driving is not about getting to a destination, it is about the journey of getting there.

In the early nineties, new traffic enforcement technology--called police lidar or police laser--began being used to catch drivers who used radar detectors or were driving in more densely populated roadways.

For a time, radar detectors were not even able to detect police lidar as they were originally only designed to detect police radar. Shortly after the first laser guns began appearing on the road, Car and Driver penned an article where the editors had tried a variety of different home-made countermeasures–including installing a third (Tucker-like) headlight on the front. Noble as their efforts were, they had limited success. But all was not lost!

After extensive research and testing, our team figured out how to defeat the underlying mechanisms of police laser operation using new stealth technology that we engineered from scratch. It took nearly a decade of development and it's led to several patents.


Veil Proven to Protect Drivers from Tickets

Before we began marketing Veil, we wanted to get the product tested and validated by a recognized testing authority of that time. We weren't about to sell a product that wasn't proven. So in 2004 and 2005 we attended Speed Measurement Labs (SML) yearly testing event, where manufacturers of countermeasure products are tested against real traffic enforcement tools–like police radar and laser–operated by real certified police officers.

remember very vividly the range of emotions I felt when I drove a Veil treated vehicle toward the police officers targeting me. I remember thinking, will it work and if it doesn't we'll have to go back to the drawing board. Fortunately, we didn't have to go back to the drawing board as we were able to reduce targeting distances significantly. In fact, the police officers were shocked that we were so successful.

Veil was awarded the coveted SML certification logo. Veil proved that it was the first and only passive countermeasure to defeat police laser. It's true to this day, that Veil remains the only product of its kind to counter the threat of police laser and the only product of any kind that retails for less than $100 that does so, as well.